Scat Kings
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Description: Petes dad is worried that girls have been distracting him from his boxing career, especially his slutty stepsis. He makes it clear that Pete should not be fucking anyone or anything until the next big fight is over. Ally was eavesdropping and heard this. She cant wait to seduce the shit out of her bro to piss daddy the fuck off. Ally catches Pete by the pool the next day while hes training, and wears the skimpiest bikini shes got making sure her ass is nice and oiled. Good thing dad walked by before Pete could lose focus. He brings him inside and yells at Ally to cover up! Pete goes to put his gloves away, and remembers he keeps a pair of Allys panties in his bag for inspiration. He takes a sniff, and shortly after Ally comes in asking for them. She knew he had them somehow. Weird. Anyway, Ally realizes her bro is stressed as fuck and decides to help him calm down with a relaxing handjob. Pete hasnt fucked in a while and it quickly escalates to some oral ravaging and wet pussy fucking. A massive cum storm erupts from Petes dick all over his little sis. Pete is satisfied, and Ally feels accomplished. As she walks out of his room, still covered in cum, dad spots her. He knows exactly what went down and is pissed as fuck. Pete is gonna have to dig deep to try and explain this one...
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