Scat Kings
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Description: Watch MISTRESS STACY in yet again a perfect show when she gets ready to suck your dicks boys she starts by putting the dildo on the wall and sucks it smooth off but in this scene of many different outfits you see the snot coming out of her noise without blowing it just leaks out no stop it something you got to see boys. Then she start a new scene in bathroom where she pees into toilet and starts to drink it and licks the toilet bowl clean. After she in another outfit and starts to play with herself cumming and peeing all over and puking and licking it all up. Now on to the last great scene with a different outfit on again a sexy see though white top and plays with her pussy and asshole before spreading her ass cheeks wide open and drop a nice big thick brown bomber loads all over the white floor and start to puke all over herself and plays in it like a dirty pig whore she is and then licks the camera up close and and smile into it saying bye bye daddy.
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