Scat Kings
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Description: Watch MISTRESS STACY in like 4 different outfits all different scenes where she gets nasty for us like its very normal for her she so nasty of a woman that its crazy to see it but she loves putting on a show for us. She starts by playing with her pussy up close in very good lighting she looks like she put on a bit of weight not much its looks better her tits are so big and she cuming more and i think its from eating to much of her shit its a good diet that she likes. Now she pukes all over her tits no stop like a waterfall and even a different color like a white color its looks like milk but she can't get enough she then gets in the doggy position and lets the big dump go what a load so nice of a color even i want to eat it. Then she puts it on her ufo size nipples and licks it off and eats the rest before doing more pussy poses with her dildo and cumming what a pretty good whore she is and says see you soon boys.
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