Scat Kings
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Description: MISTRESS STACY is back after a few weeks vacation and she ready to go buy taking off her sexy outfit in her two parts 3 different poops all big loads dropping out of her sexy asshole. She starts buy playing with her pussy so good you see her eyes rollback into her head in heaven then she gets a few dildos one with the anal beads and uses all three of them and one she licks the poop off all 3 of them. Then she takes a few nice pee and sucks it off the floor and spits it onto her sexy tits and bend over again and takes one of the monster poop so fucking hot wow and plays with it. But she not done yet then she takes some marshmallows and puts all of them into her ass and poops them all out and starts eating them all like its her last meal then she takes another pee into a cup and drinks it and spits it all over her tits again before cumming and licking all her fingers clean and rubbing her tits and ass with the big poop loads and blows you boys a kiss bye bye.
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