Scat Kings
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Description: Watch MISTRESS STACY in this video and it very long with 3 different big poops. She in the first one does not waste any time at all grabs the bowl and drops a monster of a big load of poop and right away eats it. The second poop is big too a short but sweet poop fast dropping right out of her sexy asshole into the toilet and grabs a bit and puts on lips and eats it too. Now the last scene is long and she starts by undressing her sexy outfit and starts playing with her pussy and asshole nice ass spread shots and spread wide open facing the camera legs and feet in air drops the biggest poop and pick it up to face and models it with licking it sexy toughe out rolls eyes and loves it then starts to eat it once again eats all and pukes it up into the bowl then drinks it all up again. She then pukes it all up all over her sexy body and plays with her pussy in the pool of shit and she then blows her noise and eats it too and licks the camera with her toughe and tells you boys bye bye see you next time.
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